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Porcelain Training & Book

Are you Interested in making beautiful porcelain creations? 

My Porcelain Art Technical Manual is Available Now. Shape your most innovative ideas into stunning works of art. My new manual is a vital guide for anyone who wants to create porcelain furniture or ornaments for your customers or your own home. They've been in high demand since I got them in stock so don't miss out!

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20 years of experience summarized in this Manual. Best technical manual on porcelain art. Get it now and take yourself to another level of this art. Anyone can enhance their expertise by following each step in the manual. Well organized, and detailed approach to the numerous aspects of the porcelain art. Using this technical manual you can shape your most innovative ideas into stunning work of art. This manual is a vital guide and thoughtful present for those interested in the future of porcelain art. With this manual, you are also getting a full fledge training video.

Contact me and get an early copy of this manual

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