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 I am Roberto Colonetti, the world’s exclusive craftsman specializing in porcelain tile. I am the third generation in my family to continue this trade, offering the industry two decades of expertise with a combination of traditional quality and modernized style. The purpose of my work is to deliver the industry remarkable porcelain products that represent sincere standards of excellence and innovative trends.

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On behalf of European Ceramics of Perth, Australia, I surpass the industry competition with a professional team that provides clients a suite of full-service selections. From start to finish, it is guaranteed that your expectations for every project are fulfilled. Our team and I thrive with evident mastery of this craft and ensure that each stage of the process honors the critical details. EC staff is consistently trained to remain updated with industry methods. I continually invest in the latest technology to generate leading product outcomes and prioritize Italian artisanship in all we produce.


EC companies maintain elite guidelines for top-tier workmanship. All aspects of every project are assessed for optimal results. From tile layering to stone fitting, my staff makes certain that all we produce is certified for exceptional quality. Whether you need a staircase, mosaic or benchtop, all elements are constructed with expert skills and devotion. Clients can enjoy premium, full-body porcelain, and natural stone products for their kitchen or other household areas from European Ceramics. EC caters to clients with clever design ideas that meet their expectations, budget, and timeframe.

Serving clients across Australia and the world, Colonetti Roberto and European Ceramics operate to elevate the appearance and experience of residential spaces. My practical yet intuitive approach assists clients and other industry professionals like architects and designers with suitable solutions for their projects. European Ceramics’ mission is to partner with market influencers who possess advanced insights and talents to help clients transform their interior structures with sensational porcelain products. I hope to collaborate with you to create distinct projects, product selections, and concepts to add to the European Ceramics collection and offer clients unique and timeless pieces.

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