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Roberto Colonetti at the moment is the only global expert on porcelain tile. He is born into the trade. After his father Maurizio Colonetti and his grandfather Carlo, founder of the Colonetti family’s marble and granite factory in 1901, Roberto is the third heir of this family tradition. Roberto emigrated to Australia in 2015, where he continued to expand his twenty-years’ experience in the field. In addition, he had the ability to evolve his method of production to the new market trends as he is recognized across the planet.

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In 1976, Roberto Colonetti is born in Bergamo, an industrial province in North Italy. From his youth, Robert actively took part in the family factory where his father and his nine siblings, with their children, collaborated into the family business who deals with natural stones and the porcelain tiles. He grew up fascinated by large marble and granite processing machines. One of which was invented by his father, the chain machine for cutting the slab from blocks.


In 2015, Roberto moved to Australia. Whilst he was conscious of his consistent professional background, he was also willing to expand his skill and to also challenge himself in a new environment. The opportunity was incredibly casual. It came from a newspaper article which referred to the increasing Italian migration in this country. From that reading, only a few months passed until the arrival at Perth, the capital city of Western Australia.

Roberto, right from the start had to deal with large slabs of porcelain, which was to satisfy the increasing request that was due to match lightness and multi-functionalism rather than the natural stone which is not. But the transition from marble and granite to porcelain was not an easy process. To consolidate his technique, he kept grinding for three years. In addition, Roberto repeatedly had to go back to Italy at the company that makes the porcelain slabs, in search for advices to solve all his production problems. It all eventually payed off and the constant dedication to get the best results made Roberto master his methods that allowed an unbelievable outcome. Now, the company that Roberto used to go ask for advices, are now asking him to promote all around the world his method to give their clients the final solution to all their production problems.

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